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From Romania

We took the road from Romania with a stronger, more dynamic, young and experienced team.

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R & D and Innovation

Has been renewed to make the world a more livable place with R&D and innovation, engineering and application teams.

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Solutions to Wastewater Problems

Successfully carried out projects in water and wastewater treatment fields around the world.

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Experience and Engineering

We combine the experiences of the past with the technology of the future

With many years of experience in the sector, Arges Concept provides solutions for different needs in different geographical conditions around the world in the management of sludge and wastewater treatment.

Arges Concept, which can understand the needs of its customers with its advanced engineering capabilities and offers alternative solutions for these needs, makes planning and design by predicting the future in all the projects it applies. Thus, the implemented projects continue to operate smoothly with maximum efficiency and minimum cost for many years.

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Solution Features

Brand Values

We create quality with all the values that our company holds

Arges Concept brings all the values together to achieve quality results. One of the most important features of Arges Concept, which provides services at international standards, is that it does not compromise the values it believes and possesses.


We provide service with the experience we have gained in the sector for many years. Thanks to our experience, we always ensure maximum efficiency and build high quality facilities.


Our experienced engineers are working at every stage of our production facilities with advanced technology.

R & D and Innovation

Our solutions for the needs are developed in our R & D department. Arges Concept determines customer needs together with its team.


We produce solutions for the protection of natural resources, nature and sustainable living. We continue our efforts to leave a more livable world for future generations.



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