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Why is Solar Sludge Drying Important?

Having an energy source like the sun is a great opportunity for our planet. Solar energy, which provides great benefits in various fields, also provides a serious advantage in sludge drying process.

13 Mart 2020

Let's take a detailed look at how solar energy, which is an economical and environmentally friendly type of energy, benefits the drying of sludge.

From the coming dewatered wastewater sludge with 20-25% dry solid content, it is possible to obtain dried sludge up to 90% of dry solid depending on the temperature and solar radiation during the solar drying process. This means that approximately 100 KG of sludge with dry solid content of 22% will drop to around 35 KG with 85% after the drying.

After this process, which is provided with a completely natural energy, the transportation of the sludge becomes more easily and economically efficient, because of the significant reduction in the volume.

Being completely environmentally friendly, solar sludge drying recently has become one of the most preferred methods. Especially with the realization of the importance of natural energy resources, it will be a very reasonable choice to use an infinite energy source such as the sun.

Arges Concept by offering the Solar Sludge Drying Systems that uses today's latest technology provides its customers great long-term benefits.

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