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18 Ekim 2019

One of the biggest problems of our days is the waste production, which plaguing the world. Generated waste as a result of increased production causes the pollution and rapid depletion of our natural resources, such as water. Particularly industrial wastes cause great harm to our planet and constitute a great danger for the future.

Arges Concept has been serving in the wastewater treatment sector for many years to get rid of the wastes that are plaguing the world. Our company, which is aware of the fact that we need to replace the ones we consume in order to leave a more livable world to future generations, develops new technologies and projects every day in order to prevent pollution and exhaustion of natural resources.

Our company, which has started with waste water treatment systems in 1985, has created the Arges Concept brand in 2012 in order to carry its services further. Arges Concept, which brings together many years of experience in the sector with its engineering capabilities in the new brand, also shares its experiences in the field of sludge drying systems with its customers.

Arges Concept, which is based in Europe, provides efficient, economical and high quality solutions in waste water treatment and sludge drying sectors. Arges Concept service network is reaching all over the world and contributes to both the customers and the world's waste problem.

Arges Concept has always been one step ahead of its competitors with its advanced technology and engineering solutions.

Arges Concept, which has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Solar Sludge Drying Systems, offers the most economical and efficient solutions in this field. Those solutions saves the world from being a huge swamp, waste sludge is transformed into an efficient commodity and becomes usable in various fields.

Being a true nature lover, Arges Concept offers the solutions that do not harm the environment, protect natural resources and enable the reuse of waste.

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