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Arges Concept Technology Product: ARROBOT 2000 Mixer

Maximum efficiency with the minimum energy within the Solar Sludge Drying area.

1 Kasım 2019

The maximum efficiency in the solar sludge drying systems with minimum cost is achieved by ARROBOT 2000 Mixer, which is designed and manufactured by Arges Concept using today's technology.

ARROBOT 2000 Mixer that designed by Arges Concept R&D department moves on a moving bridge. With 6-axis control, ARROBOT 2000 is the perfect solution.

Moving right, left, forward, backward, up and down, ARROBOT rotates on its axis. ARROBOT, which moves continuously, spreads the sludge within the area and makes it ready for the drying process.

Due to the ability of movement in 6 different directions, ARROBOT 2000 can transport and spread the sludge to any point of the drying area as per operator’s needs or the automatic program.

The air coming from the recirculation fans has the big impact and helps ARROBOT to improve the drying process during the mixing and drying stages.

ARROBOT 2000, which achieves efficient results by consuming less energy than the full bridge solution, is faster than other options. At the same time rotation and movement speed can be adjusted.

ARROBOT 2000 is easy to maintain and repair and can be easily removed from the greenhouse by simple forklift.

Arges Concept, unlike its competitors, with ARROBOBT 2000 Mixer, one of the most efficient solution in the Solar Sludge Drying System, continues to produce advanced technological solutions by using sector experience and engineering skills.

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